Tips for Growing Plants with Artificial Grow Lights

There are a lot of artificial grow lights on the market that you can choose from. What they all have in common and what makes them indispensable to green thumbs is the fact that they give the possibility to grow plants inside the house or in a greenhouse by replicating the light of the sun as well as possible. If you are planning on using artificial grow lights to grow your plants, take your time to read the following lines to get some useful tips on how to do it.

Go with full-spectrum lights

There is no denying the fact that sunlight is the ideal light for plants to grow in. But there are a lot of full-spectrum lights out there that replicate the sunlight almost perfectly, enabling you to grow your favorite plants all year long. The most efficient types of artificial grow lights on the market when it comes to the spectrum of light that they offer are led grow lights. These energy efficient solutions give the plants all the light that they need to grow healthy and strong.

Keep an appropriate distance between the plants and the artificial grow lights

No matter if you go with led grow lights or any other type of artificial grow lights, a rule that you must follow is to keep an appropriate distance between the lighting device and the plants. Otherwise, the plants will be burned, and they will inevitably wilt, all of your efforts to grow them being in vain. The safest distance to go with between the lights and the plants is between 8 and 12 inches.

Don’t let the lights on for longer than it’s needed

Plants have different needs when it comes to the amount of time that they must receive sunlight. Take your time and inform yourself on the needs of all the plants that you are planning to grow with the artificial grow lights. This way, you will avoid providing light to the plants for a longer time than it’s necessary, and you will avoid causing them to wilt by doing so. Therefore, make sure that all the plants are receiving an ideal rest time in order to have a perfect growth.

Choose the ideal intensity

What makes the artificial grow lights a better choice to go with than giving the plants direct sunlight is the fact that they offer you the possibility to choose the intensity of the light. This means that your plants will receive the perfect light intensity for all their growth stages, growing at their full potential due to this. Therefore, when the plants are growing, set a higher intensity for the lights, and when they have already grown, set the light to emit light that is weaker in intensity to provide an environment in which they will thrive.