Lawn Care Tips for Autumn

Autumn is here, but you still want to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful. Moreover, the end of September is a good period to carry out some autumn lawn maintenance. Therefore, in the following lines, we will teach you some lawn care tips for autumn.

Get rid of the leaves

When autumn comes, it also brings a carpet of colorful leaves which may look nice in your garden, but they are no good for your lawn. They trap moisture and can damage your lawn. As such, when the leaves start falling, you should rake them away as often as you can. Additionally, you can also use a leaf blower which is more efficient than some traditional garden equipment and it will help you remove a big amount of leaves. It can also be used to remove debris and grass cuttings.

Mow your lawn

Keep on watering and mowing your lawn throughout the fall. Then, before winter set the mower’s blade at its lowest level for the last cuttings of the year. This way, more sunlight will reach the crown of the grass and it can actually breathe. However, make sure you don’t cut the grass too short because it can curtail the root system. Moreover, you need to continue watering the soil. Most people are thinking that autumn is a rainy season and they don’t have to water the lawn. In fact, this cannot be enough to keep your lawn well hydrated, so you should consider watering as needed.

Focus on loosening the soil

Keep in mind that regular aeration prevents soil from becoming covered with stems, roots, and debris. All these impediments can block water and oxygen to reach the soil. In fact, if you are thinking about fertilizing the soil, you must aerate it before, because all those holes in your turf will lead the fertilizer right to the roots.

Fertilize your lawn

We all know that a good fertilizer can do wonders with your lawn. Therefore, keep in mind to fertilize your lawn once a year. A fall application of fertilizer will help the grass to grow faster and provide a healthier lawn. Furthermore, when you apply dry lawn fertilizer opt for optimum coverage and make sure you don’t miss any spot.