How to Choose the Best Lawn Mower for your Garden

When you choose a lawn mower, you don’t just go to the store and pick the one that best shines but you need to analyze some aspects in advance. From size to cutting performance to the power supply, each detail matters when looking for the best lawn mower for your lawn, so mo effort should be spared in your research. We have for you some useful buying tips that will help you decide on the best lawn mower that
you will use for many years to come.

Electric or gas?

Basically, your options will have to limit to an electric or a gas lawn mower because these are the two main types. The electric ones are less expensive, usually smaller in size, and easier to handle while the gas lawn mowers are bulkier and cost more. When you decide between the two types, you need to analyze their operating mode, the maintenance costs, and the performance. The electric model is usually more silent and easier to start and maneuver but you need to keep in mind the cord that tends to get in your way. If you want a lawn mower that you can take somewhere where you don’t rely on electricity, the gas mower is the one for you, although it is louder and you need to replace its filters and fill it with gas. You can also go for the cordless electric mower that operates on a battery.

Safety features are a priority

You will want a lawn mower that is safe to use so you shouldn’t sacrifice any safety feature like hand levers that you hold down to keep the engine running, headlights for use in the darkness, or a blade-break clutch system that stops the blades without turning off the engine.

Check the size

Depending on the size of your lawn, you have to decide how large the lawn mower should be. The cutting width of the lawn mowers varies and should be a top detail in choosing the right unit for your needs. If you have to mow a larger area, opt for a cutting width of at least 22” so you will finish faster and you won’t have to go over the lawn many times. If you have a small garden with a narrow gate or you want to get the lawn mower under a fence, look for a more compact version.

The bag size matters

A good lawn mower should hold the grass in a bag that is large enough to make the unit comfortable to use. If the bag is too small, you will have to empty it several times, which is not a pleasant thing. Some lawn mower don’t have a bag at all so the grass remains on the ground and you will have to gather it with a rake, so make sure you don;t get a bagless lawn mower.

The warranty is very important

When you buy a lawn mower, check the warranty that covers it so you will know for how long your product is warranted to be free of defects and the manufacturer will pay for the repair costs. The more money you pay for the lawn mower, the more important the warranty is because you will want your investment to pay off.