Garden Designs for the Entire Family

A garden is like any other room in the house. It can fit the needs of every family member. Moreover, you can create something beautiful in your garden without spending a fortune. In order to help you, we have gathered several garden designs for the entire family.

Opt for raised beds

We all love our kids, but we also love our plants. Therefore, we need to find an optimal solution which can welcome them both. Try to lift your plants above ground level by putting them in raising beds. This is a method that many parents are using to protect their flowers and other plants during play. Moreover, the raised beds are also very safe for our children. You may have in your garden some plants which can affect or produce several injuries to your child.


If you have any children, it’s crucial to have a playspace in your backyard. Create a space only for your children, where they can have a sand pit, a swing, a house and so on. Think about building a tree house or build a tent under a tree. Take a few curtains and tie them to the stem of a tree. Put some cushions inside the tent and your child will have his own home. These innovative ideas will make your child much happier.

Choose the right furniture

If you are looking about designing the perfect garden for you and your family, you should take into consideration the furniture garden. Create a spot in your garden where you can spend time with friends. If you don’t enjoy the idea of a patio, you can just place some pieces of furniture in the middle of your garden. Opt for a sofa with lounge chairs and a wooden table. You can choose wooden furniture or you can go for rattan furniture which is more resistant.

Consider outdoor lighting

As you already know, lighting the garden is very important, so you need to consider several factors. Try to find the best walkway lights which will illuminate your pathways and help you create an inviting outdoor atmosphere. Furthermore, find a way to illuminate your children play space. You can opt for hanging lights or for several flood lights placed around their play area. Your relaxing area can be illuminated by deck lighting. This type of lighting will create the perfect mood when entertaining outdoors.