5 Tips to Design the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

When you start designing the perfect outdoor kitchen, you need to consider several things such as space, lighting, kitchen appliance, furniture and more. However, designing your outdoor kitchen may be an enjoyable activity which will provide you with a lot of benefits. If you are lacking inspiration, we can inspire you with 5 tips to design the perfect outdoor kitchen.

Build the right floor

Firstly, when starting this project you need to consider the kitchen floor. Make sure you choose the right flooring material which should be stylish, comfortable and long-lasting. Due to the weather conditions, you may have some problems with the floor, but if you opt for concrete flooring or stone veneer, your problem will be solved. Moreover, you should take into consideration your budget and choose a floor material which is easy to clean and maintain.

Consider the counter space

Whether it is rain, snow or heat, you have to select a material which provides resistance, such as natural stones and stone veneers. Moreover, if you go with natural stones, choose cultured granite with UV stabilizers. Try to avoid materials like limestone and tile countertops, because during the cold season they won’t resist. However, keep in mind that, the easier the kitchen is to clean, the more you will enjoy spending time cooking outdoor.

Kitchen appliances

Whether indoor or outdoor, the most important things in a kitchen are the appliances. Depending on your available space, you can determine how many appliances you will install in your outdoor kitchen. However, don’t forget that you will need a gas grill, brick-ovens, refrigerator and a sink. Besides all these appliances, you will also need some pieces of furniture. Opt for a large wooden table, chairs and even a sofa. Take into account the storage drawers. Moreover, you can make your outdoor kitchen more welcoming by choosing some lounge chairs where your guests can relax during their visit.


Undoubtedly, much of outdoor entertainment will take place in the evening, so the right lighting is essential to set the ambiance. First, you should think about using task lighting above the grill. It’s important to have some light above the area where you are preparing food. Next, you should think about lighting the entire kitchen, so install several ceiling fans. You can also install some spots, table or floor lamps.


We all know how important it’s to decorate a space. Therefore, put candles on the table and use a lot of colorful pillows to beautify your outdoor eating space. Furthermore, you can even consider installing a TV, some speakers and fire pits to animate the area.